This is a letter we received from this lady we have not seen since 1987


September 15, 1999


Dear Joan,

         In 1987 I met you at a Women's Aglow meeting in Jacksonville,Illinois. I went forward for prayer because my electric had been cut off. I was widowed with three young children. Times were very hard for us. You prayed and asked the women to take up a special offering for me to get my power back on. Then you gave me your offering also. There was close to $900.0 taken in all. Then you spoke a word over me , that God was going to give me a year of Jubilee. Within two months I received a letter from a lawyer's wife that I used to work for five years before.  I do not know how that letter found me, I had moved so many times and had not kept in touch with her. In that letter she asked me to come to her home that it was very important. I went to her home and she told me of a man in her town that wanted to do something for someone before he died. He was in his 90's with cancer. I met the man, he paid off my mobile home loan and every debt I had. He also bought me new clothes and a better car. He spent over $15,000.00 on me. the year of Jubilee had come to pass. To God be the glory. Many times God has touched my life. that time he worked through a woman named Joan Gieson. May God continue to bless you and people through you.

Yours truly,





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